Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills

We at Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills are committed to only provide the very best residential and commercial upholstery every time and everywhere. We are a top-quality family-operated furniture upholstery and restoration business specializing in restaurant booths upholstery, restaurant furniture, and custom furniture for local companies in Beverly Hills. We provide our top-quality and class-leading furniture and upholstery for both residential and commercial spaces.

We specialize in restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, and dorm furniture. For over 30 years, we have worked alongside hundreds of restaurant managers, business owners, and administrators to help them upgrade and furnish their restaurants, dorms, hotels, and motels. Whether you’re an amateur restaurateur or pro restaurateur, we can help you find the right furniture that is functional, stylish, well-constructed, and affordable.

Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills
Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills

We were established in 1980, and initially began our business with a straightforward goal: We want to become the number #1 restaurant booths upholstery and restaurant furniture in the great city of Beverly Hills. Our mission is also simple as our goal: We want to deliver unparalleled customer service to people and businesses all over Beverly Hills and its surrounding areas. We began first by offering residential furniture in California and then to five states across the United States. As our revenue and customer base soared, we expanded to office furniture and commercial upholstery, including restaurant booth upholstery.

Today, our high-quality commercial upholstery can be found in numerous offices and business entities in the city, including hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, night clubs, casinos, etc.

With more than 40 years in the residential and commercial upholstery industry, we have grown to become the nation’s leading provider of residential and commercial furniture upholstery, including furniture rental for home and offices, restaurant booth upholstery, restaurant upholstery, event furnishings, and other services. Also, to provide world-class furniture upholstery and furniture rentals across the United States, we offer furniture rentals in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our Services

We at, Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills, are pioneers when it comes to creating cutting-edge, well-crafted, long-lasting, and functional commercial upholstery including restaurant booth upholstery and furnishings at affordable prices. We make restaurant booths that are not only superior in style but are comfortable and durable. We make restaurant booths of all designs and functionality, including curve-round booths, plain booth, corner booth, as well as channel back booths. Additionally, we also reupholster and repair restaurant booths. If your existing restaurant booths are damaged or worn, our skilled upholsterers can make an exact copy of your existing booth and restore it at a low cost. We also experienced designers and craftsmen who can create unique and innovative restaurant booth layouts and seating arrangements.

If you own a restaurant in Beverly Hills, and looking for the best restaurant booths upholstery made of high-quality materials and fabrics, and designed to your exact requirements, Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills is the place to be!

Why Choose Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills?

At Restaurant Booths Upholstery Beverly Hills, we believe everything is possible through service. Our team takes pride in providing world-class service in a very personal, customized way. We believe that the needs of customers matter as much as the details in the upholstery. After all, it’s the little things that we do to make our clients happy that separate us from our competitors and makes us the best restaurant booth upholstery provider in Beverly Hills. We believe that our customers and partners deserve the best or nothing. And we are working hard with an authentic commitment to delivering our very best, everywhere, and every time.

Providing world-class customer service in a very personal and customized way is what our team strives for every day. We take pride in having some of the most dedicated and helpful customer service agents who will guide you to choose the right furniture, upholstery fabrics, and upholstery accessories for your home, office, or business.

We provide a free consultation, estimates, and face-to-face meetings, depending on your requirements and location of your business. We do all kinds of restaurant upholstery and design restaurant booths for everyone, big or small! We don’t care about your budget or your furniture. If it’s a restaurant booth upholstery, we will do it.

If you are interested in furnishing your restaurant or thinking of upgrading the existing furnishing and upholstery of your restaurant, get in touch with us. We will provide the right furniture for your restaurant that is guaranteed to transform the look and ambiance of your restaurant. So, call or text us today at 1 (888) 519-1999 or email