Chair Repair in Beverly Hills

Are you looking for a furniture repair expert to restore your antique chair or sofa or other valuable home furnishings? If yes, Chair Repair in Beverly Hills is the ideal place to be! We are the best furniture repairs shop in Beverly Hills, where we can provide you with the right furniture repairs specialist to work with. It was established in 1990. Since then, the name has become the leading go-to furniture upholstery and repairs service in and around the entire California region.

As a family-owned and operated enterprise, we have always insisted on providing the best products and services and ensured that every customer gets specialized attention and care and attention to the individualized service they want and expect.

Chair Repair in Beverly Hills
Chair Repair in Beverly Hills

Chair Repair Beverly Hills has established itself as a market leader in repairing and restoring residential and office furniture across the country. We created the ultimate upholstery experience for our customers by delivering them five things that we believe are imperative for the success of our business and complete customer satisfaction. We provide specialized expertise in all furniture repairs and upholstery, free shipping; the best price, unmatched discounts; and extended warranties.

We aim to make our customers feel good, knowing that they are preserving furniture while saving money and reduces waste and protecting the environment. We want to encourage people to stop buying new furniture unless it is a necessity and opting for a more eco-friendly option for furniture manufacturing. Whether you need foam replacement or foam re-stuffing for your chair or sofa, wood refinishing, upholstery repairs, or indoor or outdoor furniture repairs, we can provide this for you.

Our Services

Chair Repair in Beverly Hills is capable of providing you with the following services: chair repairs, antique chair repairs, sofa repairs, indoor furniture repairs, furniture fix, wood refurbishing, wood refinishing, wooden furniture refinishing, upholstery repairs, antique repairs, and mobile wood servicing. We also make custom-made furniture, commercial upholstery, custom patio furniture, restaurant booths upholstery, and hospitality upholstery. We also provide a wide assortment of upholstery accessories, including cushions, upholstery fabrics and slipcovers for residential and commercial furniture.

Why Choose Chair Repair in Beverly Hills?

Our goal at Chair Repair in Beverly Hills is to become the number one furniture upholstery and repairs services business in the entire Beverly Hills region. We deliver the best, customized furniture restorations and repairs service to all kinds of customers at affordable costs; regardless it’s residential or commercial. Our workforce consists of highly experienced and skilled artisans and furniture upholsterers who can take care of a wide array of services and materials, including leather, metal, glass, wood, and mirrors.

We do all of the furniture repairs, reupholstery, and restorations at our state-of-the-art shop for large projects using both conventional and modern techniques. If you can’t send your antique or old chair or sofa for repairs or restorations, d0 not worry—we have it covered! We have a mobile repair service for our clients, where our furniture upholsterers can do the repairs on-site quickly and efficiently. We make all of our furniture repairs and restorations using all American upholstery fabric (made and sourced in the USA).

Our company is all about delivering you the best quality furniture and repairs, saving your time and money, and extended warranties. We are the best-rated #1 upholstery shop in Beverly Hills with over 25 years of experience. We also provide our customers with free estimates and delivery for any location as well as excellent customer service. For us, all customers are valuable, and no job is too big or too small for us.

By working with us, you will not only get peace of mind but the service you deserve and expect at a reasonable cost but also save time, money, effort, and energy. And if you do not believe us, we cordially invite you to visit our facility and check for yourself what you are looking for.

We want every customer visiting us to be a customer for life. We are fully committed to finding the best and cost-effective solution for every customer when it comes to their furniture repairs and restorations to ensure that their requirements are addressed. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best home and office chairs as well as chair repairs at the lowest prices to every customer. Give us a call or email us and you will be surprised to find that we do. Our courteous, professional, and knowledgeable sales representatives and staff will provide all the assistance you need and will guide you through every aspect of your order.

For more information about our furniture repairs and restorations, feel free to call or email us at our hotline 1 (888) 519-1999 or You can also send in your questions, ideas, and recommendations and will respond to them as quickly as possible. So, get in touch with us now! We hope to see you or hear from you soon!