Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills

Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills is a leading furniture upholstery manufacturer and retailer in Beverly Hills, specializing in residential furniture and upholstery. We also provide commercial and outdoor furniture as well as offer reupholstery and restorations for all kinds of furniture. We first established our upholstery shop, providing initially only residential furniture and residential reupholstery and repairs.

Over the years, we ventured into commercial upholstery and furniture including wall upholstery, marine upholstery, boat & yacht upholstery, restaurant booth upholstery & reupholstery, and automotive upholstery.  We started our upholstery business to provide high-quality and long-lasting residential furniture and residential upholstery, reupholstery, and restorations at the lowest prices. We primarily serve the residents in Beverly Hills, CA, but plan to expand to other large cities in California.

Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills is an experienced upholstery company in the city, and all our craftsmen and upholsters are certified with more than 30 years of experience in the business. Our skilled upholsterers will restore your furniture to its original condition using conventional and modern methods. We can work on all kinds of commercial and custom-made sofas, couches, chairs, headboards, cushions, outdoor furniture, sectionals, benches, recliners, ottomans, and everything in between. The size or complexity of the project does not matter to us.

Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills
Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills

No matter how big or complex your upholstery repairs or restoration, we can do it! We are one of the few residential upholstery shops that can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for any kind of reupholstery or restoration service.

From residential upholstery to commercial upholstery services, we are considered the best local upholstery shop in Beverly Hills.  From simple repairs to complete restoration or reupholstery for any home furniture, allow our craftsmanship to work and see for yourself how we can enhance your home furniture with our superior upholstery restoration techniques.

If you want to hire trusted and professional upholsters to reupholster or restore your exiting sofa, chairs, patio cushions sectionals, or ottomans at the lowest rates, come to us! We can assure you that you will get quality furniture and reupholstery work from us. To make things for our customers, we also provide free pick-up and delivery services all over the USA to everyone.

If you want low-cost, reliable residential furniture reupholstery and restoration work from skilled upholsterers in Beverly Hills, visit our upholstery shop. We will do everything to make your furniture look like new at the fastest way possible and in the most reliable restoration techniques. For more information about our services, please call or send us a text at 1 (888) 519-1999 or email at If you have any questions, ideas, or recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Services

At Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills, our services include everything from custom-made home furniture to furniture and upholstery restorations. We provide furniture reupholstery, custom cushions, custom pillows, custom headboards reupholstery, custom sofas upholstery, and reupholstery, patio cushions foam replacements, outdoor cushions, antique furniture upholstery, and reupholstery, custom furniture reupholstery & restoration, furniture refurbishing, and furniture repair. We also make complete furniture sets for homes, apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and many more.


Why Choose Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills?

Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills is the best-rated #1 upholstery shop industry in Beverly Hills. We understand what customers’ wants and needs, and our skilled craftsmen know what kind of residential upholstery or furniture will look good in a home setting.  We believe in producing unique upholstered residential furniture all the time that will last for generations.  That’s why we only provide furniture made by highly skilled upholsterers to our clientele.

Since we started our business, we have focused and listened to customer needs. We ensure buying made quality American materials and upholstery supplies we use.  With over 25 years of combined experience, we promise to give you the best and most stylish and durable residential furniture than any other local dealer or furniture shop in Beverly Hills. Our unrelenting obsession with quality and perfection for our furniture has made us the best place to get the most beautiful residential furniture and residential upholstery in Beverly Hills.

If your home is located in Beverly Hills or any other residential or commercial place within California, we are fully ready to serve you the best upholstered or reupholstered furniture at the fairest prices. If you don’t like our current upholstery for homes, we can create top-quality customized furniture made by the furniture experts at Residential Upholstery Beverly Hills. We love to do business in Beverly Hills and looking forward to hearing from you soon!