Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills

Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills, founded in 2014 by Dan Hills, is a furniture upholstery manufacturer and restoration company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. We are one of the largest and most extensive providers of residential and commercial furniture upholstery in Beverly Hills. As a recognition for our trusted and class-leading furniture upholstery and restoration service, we are proud to tell that we have proudly earned and maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating in the furniture upholstery industry in Beverly Hills, California for more than 20 years.

No job is too big or too small to handle when a customer requests for our service. Interested customers can pay a visit to our main showroom at Beverly Hills or visit our website at (your site) or call Dan and his team of certified professionals at (your phone). You can send an email at (your email) with your queries, suggestions, testimonials, etc. So get in touch with us today for the best furniture upholstery service in Beverly Hills. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills

If you need thebest upholstery professionals in Beverly Hills that make the best and beautiful chair, sofas, couches, headboards, or ottomans at an affordable price that makes your home or office more beautiful and functional than it already is, you know where you should be—it is at the Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills!

Our Services

At Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills, we offer the most extensive range of furniture upholstery and restoration services than our competitors. Our commercial furniture upholstery services are unmatched. We have the most comprehensive assortment of hospitality upholstery and restaurant booths upholstery in Beverly Hills. We also design and make custom indoor and indoor furniture upholstery at the highest quality and design requirements. Additionally, our commercial upholstery and walls and theater rooms upholstery that can be found in most local business and companies in Beverly Hills including hotels, motels, cinemas, hospitals, restaurants, night clubs, corporate offices, etc.

Furniture Re-Upholstery

Is your couch all torn and worn out? Is your chair not looking good enough anymore? You can make it look like new and better than ever and also be able to save some money by getting it reupholstered or restored. You can also change the texture, type, pattern, or color of the upholstery. Just call us, and we will do all the furniture restoration work.

Antique Furniture Restoration

We specialize in all kinds of antique furniture restoration as well as furniture retouching, refinishing, repair, and restoration. We also offer termite treatment for furniture, gold leaf treatment, Fresh polish treatment services, and much more.

Furniture Slipcover

If you want the best furniture slipcovers made of the best materials to provide the ultimate protection for your indoor and outdoor furniture, we have you covered! We also offer custom slipcovers to custom furniture so that you can have a slipcover for any furniture you choose.

Custom Pillows And Cushions

We can make custom decorative pillows and cushions of any size or in any way you can think of. We can manufacture throw pillows, pillow shams, any other custom pillows according to your specifications.

Custom Made Upholstery

We offer the best custom made upholstery ranging from a single sofa upholstery to full lineup furniture for your bedroom. Providing our customers the easiest way to bring their ideas of custom made upholstery to life is one of the competitive edges we have since we established our business.

Why Hire Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills?

We at Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills are one of the most competitive upholstery shops in Beverly Hills, California. We offer some of the best and unique custom-made furniture and most reliable upholstery, repairs, and restorations services at the lowest prices than anybody else in Beverly Hills. You should consider us to be your next upholstery shop in Beverly Hills because we offer:

  • The best in class customer service.
  • The highest rating in customer satisfaction and after-sales service
  • Free quotes and in-house consultation
  • Free pick-up and delivery at no additional cost
  • The largest and most comprehensive collection of local and international upholstery fabrics, vinyl, and leather at the lowest prices
  • Extended warranty in all the upholstery projects we have completed
  • The best design advice from experienced furniture and interior designers
  • We have skilled upholsterers and craftsmen
  • Affordable prices (lowest prices compared with competitors)

At Furniture Upholstery Beverly Hills, we only provide the best professional upholstery and restoration services. If you are living in Beverly Hills, and want professional upholstery services including custom upholstery, custom indoor and outdoor furniture, furniture reupholstery, restoration, and refinishing at a budget, call us today! We offer 24 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted customer service to all of the customers.